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Reinhausen Plasma’s Plasmadust technology permits many materials, including temperature-sensitive plastics, metals, silicium disks, glass, foil and paper, to be metallised and coated without solvents.

The basis of the coating procedure is a combination process of plasma and micro/nano particles.

The nano-powder plasma deposition technology – Plasmadust for short – combines plasma technology and micro/nano powders to allow direct-coating processes without chemicals.

This means that the coating is free of volatile organic compounds.

There is also no need for etching and staining processes, which are indispensable in classical surface treatment.

Minimal power consumption is required thanks to the nano powder and plasma.

In addition to the resulting environmental friendliness, this patented Plasmadust procedure requires a minimum amount of power.

This is because of the micro/nano powders, which melt at low temperatures and can thus be processed by low-energy plasma systems under ambient pressure.

For example, the coating of a substrate of 1m2 requires approximately one tenth to one hundredth of the power required by thermal injection processes.

So-called plasma sources – another development of Reinhausen Plasma – also contribute to the efficient use of energy.

With these systems, the gas temperature does not exceed 70C under atmospheric pressure whereby temperature-sensitive materials such as plastics, foil and paper can also be coated.

The Plasmadust procedure can be used to deposit both continuous and structured coats starting with a thickness of 1um precisely and efficiently with good adherence for 2D and 3D parts.

Process speeds of up to 150m/min can be achieved.

Various nano powders are available for use as coating materials.

Material combinations, such as carbon/metal, are possible; this cannot be processed with conventional coating procedures.

Plasmadust can be used in a variety of ways; examples include the environmentally friendly and cost-optimised coating of silicium disks, the metallisation of solar cells, the manufacturing of flexible circuit boards, printed electronics, sputter targets, thin-film batteries and fuel-cell membranes and the implementation of lightweight structures for the automobile industry.

The company will present this solution at Productronica in Munich – on Stand 445, Hall A4 – on 10-13 November 2009.

Atmospheric-pressure plasma tools – namely Plasmabrush and Piezobrush – will also be exhibited.

Plasmabrush is a system for the purification and activation of surfaces and workpieces.

The Piezobrush handheld plasma device has been developed for cost-effective surface activation in small areas.

Reinhausen Plasma

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