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Plastic Extruders has announced that it is offering slip-resistant matting and flooring solutions for industrial use.

Flexigrid and Firmagrip, which can be manufactured from post industrial recycled vinyl, are heavy-duty solutions that are designed to be resistant to tough industrial environments.

With their vinyl-welded construction, they drain and dissipate liquids through their open grid, creating a safe and slip-resistant surface for workers.

Both mats are supplied in roll format up to 10m in standard length and 1.2m in width, covering 12m2 in one piece.

This means that there are no seams and gaps, reducing the risk of tripping over joints and providing uniformity, making the application more visually appealing, according to the company.

Flexigrid is available in black and is designed for use in heavy industrial environments where the problems of dirt, production waste, chemicals, oils and other spillages can create health and safety hazards.

Its large open-grid construction and 20mm clearance above ground level, coupled with a deeply etched top surface, provides a safe, slip-resistant barrier between the user and spillages and debris.

Flexigrid is said to be comfortable to stand on, reducing fatigue, which, in turn, enhances concentration and productivity while reducing the risk of injury caused by tiredness and fatigue.

Firmagrip is also aimed at the industrial market and is available in red, green or black.

It features a close mesh top surface, making it suitable for areas where small wheeled traffic and trolleys are in use.

Plastic Extruders claims that Firmagrip’s surface is dense enough to prevent small components falling through, yet effective enough at drainage.

As a result of the close support of the grid, Firmagrip is suitable for laying over metal-grid walkways, providing a comfortable and slip-resistant surface.

Both mats will contour over rough and uneven surfaces and can be cut and shaped on site to fit against machinery and equipment.

A complementary range of edging profiles is also available to provide a safe transition between the matting and other areas of floor.

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