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LSI has announced a platform featuring the company’s networking and storage solutions to enable content delivery networks (CDN) that bring rich media services to multi-screen environments.

The combination of the LSI Axxia Network Accelerator, Axxia Media Accelerator and Warpdrive SLP-300 solid-state acceleration card provides a programmable platform that brings significant performance, manageability and scalability enhancements to application and content-delivery servers.

Data centre and mobile network operators can store files such as frequently viewed video content closer to users at the edge of the network to improve quality of experience (QoE), reduce latency and optimise bandwidth usage.

CDN servers using the LSI portfolio of networking and storage solutions provide the foundation that enables equipment manufacturers to reduce operating expenses for their customers while delivering rich media content and enabling new services.

Additionally, the LSI networking and storage solutions allow equipment manufacturers to decrease time to market, support new codec standards and help OEMs produce products with upgradeable features.

The LSI portfolio for enabling data centre and mobile CDN servers includes the Axxia Network Accelerator, Axxia Media Accelerator and Warpdrive SLP-300 acceleration card.

The Axxia Network Accelerator, a PCI Express-based intelligent services adapter card, is based upon the Axxia Communication Processor.

The Axxia Media Accelerator card for real-time acceleration of transcoding and transrating video is based on the Starpro SP2700 Media Processor.

The LSI Warpdrive SLP-300 acceleration card offers performance up to 240,000 sustained input/output per second.

The LSI portfolio of networking and storage solutions enables OEMs to offer an easy-to-deploy CDN solution that offloads compute-intensive networking functions in enterprise, mobile and data-centre applications.

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