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Multi-sensor platforms (MSPs) from Platinum Sensors combine a heater element, highly stable Pt1000 temperature sensor and application-specific electrodes on a single ceramic substrate.

Depending on the intended application and control system used, the platforms can be kept at a constant temperature or subjected to precise temperature cycles.

The heater and temperature sensor circuits are protected by an electrically insulating glass layer.

Sensitive layers can be applied to the non-passivated electrodes by the customer, usually by way of a screen process or drop coating.

Through the application of the appropriate metal oxides, for example, MSPs become gas sensors with which concentrations of oxygen, carbon monoxide, nitrogen or methane can be detected down to the parts-per-million range.

The platforms can also be used as a base for high-accuracy humidity sensors or air-quality sensors.

The MSPs have an operating temperature range of -50C to + 500C and are available in a range of sizes from as small as 3 x 3.2mm.

They are usually supplied with 10mm-long connection leads (two for the heater, two for the temperature sensor and two for the customer-specific electrodes) although leadless versions can be produced if required for customers who prefer to bond directly to the substrate.

Platinum Sensors

Platinum Sensors Ltd is the official distributor of platinum resistance temperature detectors (RTDs) from Heraeus Sensor Technology and Atexis.

Our product range includes all types of RTDs including thin film, SMD, wire wound in ceramic and glass, stator winding and flexible designs. These sensors are suitable for use in all applications where accurate, stable and low cost temperature measurement or temperature compensation is required. We offer temperature sensors to the Pt 100, 200, 500, 1000 and 10000ohms standards for use between -200C and 1000C. Sensors to other standards and nominal resistance values including Nickel based RTD sensors and are also available.

We can also supply thin film heaters and multi-sensor platforms to both standard and non-standard designs. Customised temperature sensor elements and assemblies are produced to order for all applications from PCB mounted electronics to heavy duty, process control industries.

We specialise in the manufacture of high volume, low cost sensor assemblies for use in OEM industries such as white goods, automotive, medical, HVAC, process control and electronics.

We offer a comprehensive product design service and are supported by Heraeus Sensor Technology of Germany, the world’s leading manufacturer of thin film temperature sensors.

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