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Plenty Mirrlees Pumps has unveiled a new twin screw pump for use in refineries, oil terminals, bunkering, and on tank farms for handling larger volumes of fuel oil.

The W375-750 pump is a double entry, hydraulically balanced unit complying with the oil and gas rotary pump specification API 676 requirements.

The pump employs larger screws cut from a solid one piece shaft housed in a newly designed casing.

The facility of an integral pressure relief valve is available together with the unique Plenty Relief Valve Jacking device for assisted or enhanced suction performance for lower NPSH requirements.

The jacking device serves the purpose of manually lifting the relief valve off its seat, which has the operational advantage of being able to circulate pumped liquid around the pump to aid extreme discharge or suction conditions.

The device is extremely useful in aiding cold start conditions where the liquid in the discharge line is below normal pumping temperature.

Another useful application is the partial circulation of discharge liquid back to suction to aid high suction lift applications at the end of barge or tank emptying.

For the marine industry a vertical configuration version is available to optimise space, this being an essential requirement of the expanding bunkering market.

Heavy duty fuel oil presents many problems when it comes to transfer pumping.

It is viscous and can contain foreign matter that can influence and damage the internals of the pump.

For these reasons and to attain economic running costs, the best solution is to employ a twin screw rotary positive displacement pump as it has high efficiency characteristics and low power consumption when operating at very high capacity/flow demand.

The principle design feature of the W375-750 is the absence of any metallic contact between the screws or between the screws and their bores.

This enables them to handle a wide range of fluids, including those that lack any lubricating properties.

When running, the liquid passes through the pump chamber in an axial direction with the minimum degree of shear and with little or no pulsation.

Equipped with a 1.2MW, the W375-750 pump can deliver up to 1250m/hr of heavy duty oil and will accommodate pressures up to 20bar and temperatures up to and exceeding 200C, making it ideal for almost all transfer duties.

The advantage of being a double inlet pump is its excellent suction rates, so where holding tanks are emptied from a very high level down to the lowest levels, NPSH is not an issue that needs addressing.

Most significantly, the self-priming capability enables the pump to displace large volumes of air and gas from long suction lines.

Plenty Mirrlees Pumps is a division of SPX Process Equipment (Flow Technology Segment).

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