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PLS Programmierbare Logik and Systeme now supports the latest TC1791, TC1793 and TC1798 32-bit automotive microcontrollers (MCUs) of Infineon’s AUDO (Automotive Unified Processor) Max range with its modular component-based Universal Debug Engine (UDE) 3.0.10, its Universal Access Device 2 range and its Universal Emulation Configurator (UEC).

These System-on-Chips (SoCs) of the Tricore version 1.6, which are designed for engine and transmission controls in automotive applications, are based on a new 32-bit core that features an increased floating point unit performance and an integer division unit in hardware.

Key specifications

  • Equipped with 4Mbyte of on-chip flash and up to 288Kbyte SRAM
  • Optimised memory protection
  • Enhanced branch prediction
  • Integrated interfaces and peripheral units
  • The UDE 3.0.10 and the UAD2/UAD2 fully support all internal resources and peripherals of the new automotive microcontrollers
  • With the UAD2/UAD2, both the JTAG interface and the Device Access Port (DAP) can be used as communication channel to the target
  • Connection of devices to the host PC takes place via USB 2.0
  • With UAD2, connection also takes place optionally via IEEE 1394 (Firewire) and 100Mbit Ethernet
  • Numerous possibilities for graphical representation of variables and expressions of them to physical quantities in real time
  • The debug interface of the controller together with a UAD2/UAD2 allows a transparent readout and processing of information while the program is running
  • For the TC1791, TC1793 and TC1798 AUDO MAX devices, users are provided with ‘emulation devices’ for development and test purposes



PLS Programmierbare Logik and Systeme

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