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Programmierbare Logik and Systeme (PLS) has introduced the latest version 3.0.8 of its Universal Debug Engine, a test and debug tool for the Netx range of network controllers and RCX real-time operating system from Hilscher.

Hilscher’s Netx range of ARM9-based network controllers offers a computing capacity of up to 200 MIPS, up to four communication channels and an on-chip central data switch, and guarantees maximum data throughput in Fieldbus and real-time Ethernet systems, according to the company.

Depending on the type, users are provided with comprehensive peripheral functions such as AD Converter, PWM and Display Controller, in combination with interfaces such as UARTs, USB Port, SPI Bus and I2C.

Key specifications

  • On-chip peripheral modules can be visualised and configured in the debugger at symbolic level in text form
  • Full Eclipse integration with complete cross-debugger functionality is included in the comprehensive test and debug tool UDE 3.0.8
  • Hardware extension for Embedded Trace Macrocell (ETM) is also available
  • RCX add-on for UDE 3.0.8 or higher provides the user with a complete representation of the operating system objects
  • Own views show the application instances of tasks, queues, mutexes, semaphores, interrupts and UARTs with their characteristics and current status
  • The active task and the stack utilisation of all stacks are recognisable at a glance

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