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The Z-485 radio bridge module for RS-485 provides a plug-and-play alternative to traditional cabling where routing is difficult.

Z-485s operate in a master-slave topology similar to the topology of most RS-485 networks, providing transparent bi-directional communications over a range of up to 300m using a licence-exempt frequency band.

In each point-to-multipoint network there is always one master device that is connected to the main RS-485 bus.

There is no limitation to the number of slave devices in the network.

A card similar to a full-size SIM contains all configuration and address data so there is no need for programming the Z-485 using AT-commands or similar, saving significant time either during production or on-site.

The Z-485 can be used to enable an entire RS-485 network to be wireless or a RS-485 network can be part wireless and part wired.

It supports both two-wire and four-wire RS-485 operation.

The Z-485 consumes little power so it can often be powered from the host equipment, simplifying installation.

The module is designed to be incorporated into the host-equipment enclosure.

A separate antenna and cable are required.

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