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Edwards has launched a range of turbo pumping stations that provide users in laboratories and research centres with a plug-and-play vacuum system with pumping speeds of up to 400l/sec.

The pumping stations can be ordered through a three-step process and arrive pre-assembled, enabling users to integrate them quickly and easily.

As a standard feature, each station combines a turbo pump with a backing pump and a TIC turbo and instrument controller.

Users have a choice of a backing pump to suit their application, with diaphragm pump, rotary vane pump or XDS dry scroll pump.

The customised stations are easy to order – users simply specify the size of turbo pump, backing pump and voltage required.

In addition, users can easily add instruments, including active Pirani gauges, active inverted magnetron and active wide-range gauges.

The pumping stations are delivered ready assembled and are ready to run after simple installation.

The Next turbo pumps are easy to maintain and can be serviced by the end user on site.

Users can carry out interim oil-lubrication changes on site with minimum specialist tooling and typically in less than 5min.

A bearing change with minimal disassembly of the pump can also be performed in less than 10min using basic workshop tools and an Edwards tool kit.

Next pumping stations are used to create the high-vacuum environments required for many R and D applications, such as particle accelerators, high-energy physics and plasma research, UHV systems and beam lines.

The stations can be wheeled around easily, providing high-vacuum pumping stations that create optimum vacuum conditions wherever they are required.

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