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Toby Electronics has introduced a new cable-plug kit that supports IDC (insulation displacement connection) termination of 28 and 30AWG HDMI cables.

Eliminating the need for difficult and time-consuming soldering of cables in the field, the 51D series is compatible with all versions of the HDMI standard, including 1.4.

To date, field termination of HDMI cables has represented a major challenge for installers of AV, home theatre and digital-signage systems.

Individually soldering 19 conductors has been the only alternative to pulling a pre-assembled cable through the conduit.

Addressing this problem, the 51D cable plug incorporates an IDC insert through which the HDMI cable conductors are placed.

The termination can then be made using only a hand tool, allowing more straightforward and reliable construction of custom cable lengths.

A snap-together metal shell with integrated strain relief completes the solution.

The contacts are gold flash plated and the insulator material is a UL94V-0 rated thermoplastic.

In addition to the 51D, Banbury-based Toby Electronics offers solder-type HDMI cable-plug ends and a range of HDMI cables, wallplates, extenders, adapters, splitters and switchers.

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