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4DSP has launched the AD350 PMC expansion card, which has been designed to make software-defined radio (SDR) application development much shorter.

Created for use in wireless base stations and Mimo test-bed systems applications, the AD350 is already shortening waveform development for SDRs in the US Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS) programme and WNM – SiS (Signals in Space).

The AD350 is enabling the JTRS platform to reach into space in several ways.

It is enabling emulation of the GMR EDM modem FPGA processing element with the JSR (JTRS surrogate radio) deployed by Spawar Ned and T and E for WNW performance testing.

It is providing a target for porting the JTRS GMR MHAL (modem hardware abstraction layer) enabling porting of GMR waveform PHY components to the JSR.

In addition, the AD350 expansion card is enabling the porting of the JTRS WNW of PIM-DM SiS as part of a successful port of the WNW to the JSR.

Featuring two Altera Cyclone III FPGAs, the AD350 PMC expansion card is an ideal prototyping system to implement flexible and scalable multi-input and multi-output antenna transmitter systems.

In addition, it can also be used in synchrotron systems to regulate amplitude voltages, phase and resonant frequency of an accelerator’s RF cavities.

The architecture provides high performance as well as flexibility with user-selectable external or on-board clocks, carefully designed, to minimise jitter and phase noise degradation of the A/D and D/A SNR.

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