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Sartorius has launched the PMD500 series of online process analysers, which are described by the company as being fast, reliable and accurate.

The analysers optically determine the moisture content and concentration of other constituents using near-infrared (NIR) technology.

The company said the PMD500 series give users the capability of having 100 per cent inspection performance within an entire process, eliminating the need for testing random samples.

This is said to help prevent downtime and save costs.

Online analysers of the PMD500 series feature an array of detectors for the UV-VIS and NIR spectra in combination with a high-resolution digital camera and a software package.

Concentrations of various ingredients, such as water, moisture, fat, protein, solvent, and so on, in solid – free-flowing or pourable – liquid, and pasty media can be analysed online in milliseconds.

In this way, the PMD500 analysers enable manufacturers to accurately comply with legally prescribed maximum limits and product-dependent specifications, such as for the water content of their products.

This is said to guarantee optimal use of raw materials and energy as well as fully automatic process control in real time.

The PMD500 system works with a redundant light source and, using a diode array spectrometer, is capable of analysing even fast-moving samples, such as those on a conveyor belt, and delivering accurate and reproducible values.

The modular-design, low-maintenance system is said to offer optimal solutions for customer-specific processes.

It features an automatic calibration function and is also suitable for use in hazardous areas.

All PMD500 analysers meet the Atex standard.

A range of accessories enables the PMD500 analysers to be integrated into existing processes.

The software allows all process steps to be documented and optimised, creating transparency and efficiency in all production areas.

To supplement quantitative analysis, or determination of constituents, every PMD500 can perform qualitative analysis of such properties as the colour of rice, the degree of browning of baked goods and other visual characteristics, such as ‘bad spots’ or black specks in flour.

In addition to laboratory analysis, the PMD500 analysers are capable of continuously monitoring every step of an entire production process.

Sartorius said the main areas of application for the PMD500 series are online and in-process monitoring and control in the food, animal feed, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Using a library of spectra that can be stored in a PMD500 process analyser, the analyser checks every component of a batch.

As a result, this makes it possible to define categories of materials for which specific measurement parameters can be saved – this is called ‘calibration by class’.

Moreover, these spectra are used to additionally check the purity of the components, which is an important criterion, especially for inspection of incoming goods.

Another area of application is end-point determination in a mixing process.

This is where the PMD500 is said to offer cost-saving potential.

As a rule, mixing processes are carried out in a batching procedure at specifically defined times.

Therefore, an online PMD500 analyser that continuously checks the homogeneity of a product during mixing enables considerable time and production costs to be saved.

Accordingly, Sartorius said online PMD500 analysers will pay for themselves in less than six months, depending on the product.

As each PMD500 can be integrated into all electronic data-related processes and therefore transmit measured data to a process controller, it ensures 100 per cent traceability.

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