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Lintra Plus is ideal for inclusion in sectors such as automotive, food processing and wood processing, and is suitable for use with compressed air – filtered, lubricated or non lubricated.

The pneumatic rodless actuators are optimised to offer maximum operational versatility and cost-effective actuation in a space-saving design.

Available with operating pressures of 1 to 8 bar and cylinder diameters of 32, 40 and 50mm, the series has four variants – M/146000 with internal guiding; M/146100 with external guiding; M/146200 with precision roller guiding; and M/146200/P precision caged ball linear motion guiding.

All versions feature integral pneumatic cushioning and external shock absorbers can be added for extreme conditions.

The weight-saving aluminium profile has universal mounting grooves for proprietary machine-building systems, allowing direct integration into machines.

The polyurethane seals and precision extruded aluminium profile mean that the Lintra Plus offers long operational lifetimes, combined with a new wiper seal and cover strip to prevent the ingress of dirt.

The Lintra Plus also has a dedicated resource centre where customers can download the latest CAD models and data sheets.

The centre features Lintra Pneucalc, an online software tool that allows customers to size their applications.

Norgren is at the forefront in exploiting the potential of pneumatic and fluid control technologies. The company employs approximately 6,000 people worldwide including 300 design and development engineers located throughout its global manufacturing and technical centres. Norgren is part of the publicly traded IMI Group that has over 14,000 people and worldwide revenues of €3billion.

Norgren’s objective is to become an integral part of a customer’s business, a valued partner driven by their goals. Norgren innovates continuously and explores new options with creativity. Norgren’s product portfolio is probably the most extensive in the industry and includes a host of highly regarded brands such as Lintra, Excelon, Pneufit, Martonair, Enots, Herion, Buschjost, KIP, FAS and Kloehn.

With a vision to create a competitive advantage for its customers, Norgren look to exploit the potential of motion and fluid control technologies. The talented and experienced team of engineers apply their dedicated skills and resources to develop smarter, more innovative, more effective solutions.

With sales and manufacturing facilities in 75 countries, Norgren have the global reach, understanding and capabilities to cope with the most demanding technical projects, and can ensure continuity of supply and local support where needed.

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