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TME has introduced the Crouzet 815 series of pneumatic modules, of which there are modules for performing basic logic functions of AND, OR, NOT and YES; modules for memory; and modules for mounting.

The Crouzet 81521501 performs the OR function; the Crouzet 81522501 the AND function; the Crouzet 81501025 the YES function; the Crouzet 81503025 the YES function; the Crouzet 81504025 the NOT function; the Crouzet 81506025 the NOT function; the Crouzet 81523501 and Crouzet 81523601 act as memory; and the Crouzet 81532104 and Crouzet 81532102 are mounting bases.

All these elements have M4 process connections; a working pressure range of 2-8 bar; 170Nl/min flow at 6 bar pressure; operation temperature range of -5 to 50C; and mechanical durability for 10 million cycles.

Every Crouzet module, depending on the performed function, has its own casing colour.

This is useful for replacing a damaged module or designing a new pneumatic system.

Short switchover times of about 25-29ms and the presence of pressure indicators on some of the elements are beneficial in inspecting and servicing operations.

Mounting bases enable several logic elements or time relays to be connected into one logic system constituting a logic island.

Transfer Multisort Elektronik

The Transfer Multisort Elektronik Company was created in 1990 as a little shop run by the family and dedicated to sales of a wide assortment of electronic elements for service and small production purposes. Two years later, we took up the mail-order sale of components. We also started delivering catalogues providing information about products in our offer, which was the innovative practice in these times.

Now TME is the biggest electronic components distributor in central and eastern Europe. We supply several thousands of companies in more than 50 countries and we send almost 2,000 packages a day. Among offered products you will find goods of the majority of significant electronic components producers.

Our staff includes several dozen engineers specialised in the field of electronics and electromechanics, as well as automation consultants ready to support you.

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