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Extronics has launched the A290001 Zone 1 and 21 POE/Ethernet Extender, which is Atex certified and doubles, triples or quadruples the normal 330ft (100m) CAT5 cable-run length for 100Base-T networks.

It forwards Ethernet and POE for another 330ft (100m) using a power-processing scheme, and multiple units can be employed in series for even longer distances, with no degradation in network speed or latency.

The A290001 is powered by a POE network switch (or POE injector) and hence requires no separate power connection in the middle of the cable.

This makes it easy to connect and power IP cameras or Access Points located two or three times further away than previously possible, without going to fibre or installing midspan power sources.

There is no setup or configuration required and the only connections are the two network cables, allowing instant operation of the A290001.

No network setup is necessary as A290001 does not use a MAC or IP address and is undetectable to other network devices.

For installations that reach beyond 200m, it is possible to connect two or more A290001s in a chain, with up to 100m of cable between each A290001 or device.

Links may be extended up to 1,000m in this way, depending on the power requirements of the connected POE devices and other factors.

Mains power installation is not required for remote switches or network devices such as IP cameras.

The A290001 is fully transparent, which means that there are no restrictions on data traffic.


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