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Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics, a manufacturer of high-performance polymer components, has introduced Meldin 7000, a high-temperature material for aerospace finished parts.

Exhibiting a combination of properties, including dimensional stability at high temperatures and a long life at high loads and speeds, Meldin 7000 is claimed to fortify the overall performance of key aircraft equipment and enhances its operational efficiency.

In addition, Meldin 7000 provides aerospace OEMs with direct access to Saint-Gobain’s design and co-engineering capabilities, material testing resources and machining know-how.

Able to withstand continuous use up to 315C (600F) and intermittent use up to 482C (900F), and chemically resistant to solvents and other aerospace chemicals, Meldin 7000 is said to be suitable for challenging aerospace applications.

With its excellent wear resistance, good electric and thermal insulation properties and low coefficient of friction, Meldin 7000 can be used in the components of auxiliary power units (APUs), de-icing systems, cabin air-conditioning systems, actuators, jet engines and landing gear systems.

Meldin 7000 service offerings include machine-shop capabilities, helping OEMs to remove one level of the supply chain and to streamline product development.

The material can validate and/or screen parts through rotating sealing ring and thrust washer testing.


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