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Laser surface velocimeters supplied by Polytec are designed to increase productivity and quality by providing accurate speed and length measurements.

A precise determination of a process and material parameters such as speed and length measurement is essential in the production and processing of any continuous material in the converting industry, according to the company.

Traditionally, the speed and length of goods, such as film, foil, sheet material, paper and woven and non-woven goods, are measured with contact wheels.

Despite the wide distribution of these sensors, this approach has several disadvantages owing to the direct contact between the sensor and the material, according to the company.

Slippage between the measurement wheel and the material may lead to increased measurement error and a possible change of the wheel’s radius owing to wear or accumulated product material demands for a frequent recalibration with the associated downtimes of the process.

A laser speed and length measurement sensor is designed to avoid these drawbacks thanks to its non-contact measurement capability.

Optical laser sensors in the Polytec LSV Series can be integrated in the production process and provide precise data for speed control, length and cut-to-length measurement, elongation ratio measurement (stretch or draw) and other quality control applications.

With a measurement uncertainty of 0.05 per cent, product waste is minimised since exactly the required length of material can be produced.

Fast sensor response and high data rates enable sophisticated control applications, according to the company.

With the optical sensor, there is no need for frequent recalibration and service issues, thus leading to a fast return on investment and a minimum cost of ownership for the measurement and control task.

Technical specifications for LSV 1000 speed and length measurement equipment include velocity ranges from 0.3m/min up to 6,211m/min; long working stand-off distance options from 200mm to 1,500mm; and a repeatability of less than 0.02 per cent of the reading.

The sensor is easily integrated into process-control systems via the standard encoder pulse output, serial or network interfaces and measure on all types of tube and pipe surfaces including steel, aluminium copper, rubber, plastic and other materials, regardless of colour or texture.

Various stand-off distances and speed ranges are available in conjunction with accessories that will enable reliable operation in applications such as extruded tubing, high-precision medical tubing, welded pipe and the extreme environments found in the production of seamless pipe.

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