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Mott is offering porous metal products, assemblies and filters for use in a number of medical applications (gas and liquid).

Its products are suitable for applications requiring exacting filtration performance, precise flow specifications, biocompatibility, high-temperature resistance and the ability to repeatedly withstand aggressive thermal and chemical sterilisation processes.

Mott designs and manufactures porous metal products to meet filtration and flow-control requirements for many medical-device manufacturers and designers.

These products include biocompatible porous titanium filters, implantable devices for venting or drug delivery, metal filters for test stands, spargers used in cell-culture processes, filters to prevent plugging in catheters, and precision flow restrictors for the delivery of gases in life-critical systems.

Benefits of using Mott porous-metal products include: good strength-to-weight ratios; rugged reliable filtration media to prevent particle bypass or contamination; uniform controlled porosity of the material, which allows precise flow rates at specified pressures; and a variety of available alloys, ensuring biocompatibility, bio and chemical inertness and stable thermal performance.

Mott porous metal is also used for filtration of carrier gases and cryogenic fluids in medical devices and laboratory settings, vents for bioreactor and fermentor vessels, lubrication for surgical devices, as well as for radiological processes and other unique applications.

Mott supplies customers in the chemical, petrochemical, instrumentation, food and beverage and semiconductor industries.

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