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With its new CPCSync feature, OMICRON’s modular and mobile CPC 100 multi-functional testing system can be used as a mobile and scalable HV source for on-site induced voltage tests on dry-type transformers (DTT) and gas-insulated switchgears.

The voltage required to energize these test objects can often exceed the power ratings of only one CPC 100 device and matching transformer. Now with the new CPCSync function, users can easily synchronize up to three CPC 100 devices with matching transformers to create an HV source with up to 15 kVA. By connecting several matching transformers in series, the overall output voltage can be increased resulting in a three times higher test voltage.

Modular and mobile HV source

The CPC 100 unit itself only weighs 29 kg (64 lbs.) and comes in a transport case with wheels. The compact design and low weight of not only the CPC 100, but also the matching transformer, makes the entire setup easy to transport and use for on-site testing in challenging locations that are either difficult to access or have limited space. Wind turbine generators, oil platforms or industrial production lines are good examples for such challenging testing settings.

Multi-functional testing system

In addition to serving as a mobile HV source for off-line testing on site, the CPC 100 can also be used to perform a variety of standard and advanced diagnostic tests for commissioning and maintenance on such primary assets as power transformers, current and voltage transformers, circuit breakers and switchgear, rotating machines, grounding systems, as well as cables and transmission lines. It can thus replace several individual test devices, which saves time and makes it a viable economical alternative.

OMICRON electronics UK

OMICRON is an international company serving the electrical power industry with innovative testing and diagnostic solutions.

OMICRON is an international company serving the electrical power industry with innovative testing and diagnostic solutions. The application of OMICRON products allows users to assess the condition of the primary and secondary equipment on their systems with complete confidence. Services offered in the area of consulting, commissioning, testing, diagnosis and training make the product range complete.

Customers in more than 150 countries rely on the company’s ability to supply leading edge technology of excellent quality. Service centers on all continents provide a broad base of knowledge and extraordinary customer support. All of this together with our strong network of sales partners is what has made our company a market leader in the electrical power industry.

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