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Newson Gale has introduced a multi-function portable meter that enables engineers and technicians to test bonding and continuity in hazardous areas, as well as other electrical data collection.

The multimeter (order code ISDMM) is said to be particularly useful for carrying out periodic tests of grounding (earthing) and bonding connectors and conductors, either on permanently bonded equipment or on temporary devices such as grounding clamps, cables and reels.

The unit is also suitable for testing conductive or semi-conductive hose assemblies used for the transfer of flammable or combustible products where it is essential to achieve continuity over the complete hose length, including end fittings.

In addition to bonding/continuity (resistance), the ISDMM offers several other metering options, including voltage, current, capacitance and temperature.

The unit comes complete with 9V battery, test probes and a rugged carry case, along with optional extras such as a hand-rewind extension reel (30m/100ft) and heavy-duty crocodile test clips.

The ISDMM is approved according to IECEX (world) and ATEX (European) hazardous-area standards and is suitable for use in flammable gas/vapour and combustible dust atmospheres.

The unit may be used in outdoor or indoor locations, is water and dust tight (IP67/NEMA 6) and has a maximum operational temperature rating of 50C (122F).

The ISDMM forms part of the Cen-Stat range of static grounding and bonding equipment available from Newson Gale.

For over 25 years, Newson Gale has been in the business of protecting people and assets from the hazards of static electricity.

Newson Gale serves industries where processes that generate significant amounts of static electricity have the potential to ignite flammable or explosive atmospheres.The major industries served are:

-chemical/petrochemical manufacturing and distribution.

-pharmaceutical/clean room processes.

-paints,coatings and solvents manufacturing and distribution.

-food and beverage production and distribution.

Newson Gale’s commitment to research and innovation has led to the creation of patented industry firsts that optimise the safety of people and protection of plant assets.

Our solutions are divided into three flexible product categories that are specified for customers depending on the level of safety required to protect people and plant assets from the flammable/explosive hazard.The three categories are described as:

Earth-Rite:continuous static dissipative monitoring with positive indication and interlock control outputs.

Bond-Rite:continuous static dissipative monitoring with positive indication.

Cen-Stat:mechanical earthing and bonding devices and hazardous area accessories.

Depending on the country specification,our equipment carries ATEX,FM,IECEx and SIL2 hazardous area approvals and are fully compliant with internationally recognised best practise standards for controlling static electricity

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