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Nelson Stud Welding, part of Doncasters Group’s Fastener Systems division, has launched a portable inverter stud welder to deal with environmental and efficiency challenges in a marine environment.

Weighing 40lb, the Nelweld N800i can be operated by just one worker and carried directly onto a ship for welding operations.

It is designed to allow marine fabricators to weld more and larger studs while delivering high-speed arc welding with reduced energy usage, set-up and training time.

Doug Philips, director of product management, equipment at Nelson Stud Welding, said: ‘Our one-man portable inverter welders typically operate at less than half the amperage of traditional stud welders, reducing operating, installation and start-up costs.

‘Life in service of the machines is also enhanced due to the reduced need to operate fans that often blow dirt and grime into the machines.

‘The reduction of weld spatter also extends the period required between preventative maintenance tasks,’ he added.

‘Our portable inverter stud welders offer shipbuilders an opportunity to improve the efficiency of their construction and maintenance programmes, as only one operator is required and the machinery can be quickly transported from one location to the next,’ said Ken Caratelli, managing director of Doncasters Fastener Systems division.

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