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OLE (UK) has launched Delphin’s Expert Key multi-function portable data-acquisition series, a test system capable of measuring volts, mA, thermocouple and Pt100 signals simultaneously on 14 channels.

The USB can monitor digital inputs and 1MHz-frequency signals, as well as output volts, 4-20mA and PWM signals, in order to test field devices and control systems easily.

All inputs and outputs are galvanically isolated, yet the Expert Key can still sample signals at 100kS/s with 18-bit resolution.

For flexibility, users can simply connect the device to a laptop or other PC via USB or Ethernet and run the free Profisignal Go software to get started.

Drivers are provided for Labview, OPC server and standard programming languages, however Delphin has developed Profisignal Basic and Klicks software.

Basic allows engineers to easily create mimic panels, while Klicks enables fully automated test routines to be generated.

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