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The Maxima range of multipurpose portal machining centres with a mobile beam are designed for the complete machining of medium-sized and large workpieces.

They are particularly suited to the sort of workpieces common in the aerospace, energy and transport sectors, which require turning and milling.

The machines have a heavy-duty structure and their turning and milling tables offer diameters up to 2,000mm, torque up to 20,000Nm and load capacities that can range as high as 12,000kg.

Maxima centres also feature rapid speeds up to 60m/min in the linear axes and rotary-axis speeds to 100rev/min.

The machine has an automatic system for head exchange, six interpolated axes and a design that enables the use of the work area.

The five-axis milling heads feature nonstop rotation in the c-axis, a-axis rotation up to 135deg and the use of spindles that provide torque up to 300Nm, and can be positioned without any angular limit by means of high-powered hydraulic brakes.

In addition, turning heads perform inside and outside machining effectively.

The centres can carry out turning, milling, drilling, tapping and grinding operations in one setup.

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