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Portendo AB will provide a live demonstration of the technology behind the P Eye-S – Standoff Explosives Trace Detection System, on 14 April at the Hilton Olympia.

The P Eye-S can detect and identify a range of explosive trace substances of less than 20 micrograms at ranges of 2 – 5m.

This means that inspections can be carried out remotely, dramatically increasing the security and safety of law enforcement and border personnel as they perform their duties, while still providing highly accurate results.

Portendo will also promote the Checkport Vehicle Inspection Concept, which utilises the Portendo P Eye-S Trace Detection System for use in vehicle checkpoints at ports, border crossings and other critical infrastructure sites.

The Portendo P Eye-S uses enhanced Raman spectroscopy to identify traces of illegal or threat substances, including explosives.

It works by aiming a laser beam at a particular area on the target vehicle.

The reflected light is then collected and analysed using the Raman scattering method.

This then provides a molecular signature that enables selective identification.

The particles are then compared and identified against an existing database of substances.

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