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Porvair Sciences offers a range of high-quality 96-well deep well plates for applications in cell biology, molecular biology, drug discovery, combinatorial chemistry, screening and genomics.

Manufactured under class 10,000 conditions from ultra-pure grade polypropylene, Porvair 96-well deep well plates contain no contaminants that may leach out and affect stored sample or bacterial or cell growth.

For sensitive biological applications, Porvair offers a selection of 96-well deep well plates that are available certified as RNase/DNase free.

Available in a selection of well shapes and volumes, Porvair 96-well deep well plates are manufactured to SBS/ANSI dimensions ensuring complete compatibility with microplate washers and automated equipment.

For general work and sample storage, round 96-well deep well plates offering a working volume of 1ml provide an affordable, easy-to-use solution, according to Porvair.

Where operational flexibility, solvent resistance and automation compatibility are important, the company’s range of precisely engineered polypropylene square 96-well deep well plates (350ul, 1ml and 2ml) are claimed to provide excellent performance.

Porvair’s 1ml round 96-well deep well plates are also available in red, blue and black polypropylene.

The coloured 1ml round deep well plates provide a simple and effective way of visually differentiating stored samples by person, project, date, and so on.

Further information on 96-well deep well plates is available on the company website.

Porvair Sciences

Porvair Sciences Ltd has specialised in the manufacture of microplates and microplate equipment in the UK since 1992. Via our global distributor network, we serve Life Sciences, Biotechnology, R&D and Molecular Biology with microplate solutions for all applications, from sample preparation to high throughput screening. Our range includes assay plates, filter plates, SPE 96-well plates, vacuum manifolds & SPE cartridges together with deep well storage plates and seals. All our polypropylene products are guaranteed free of extractables & leachates which could contaminate stored compounds. Our range also includes heat sealers and dry-down stations.

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