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The Posiplan gearbox from Brevini is said to combine the efficiency, high reduction ratios and low weight of planetary gear stages with the strength, capacity and durability of bevel helical gears.

The Posiplan range of hybrid, shaft-mounted gearboxes features a light and efficient design that is suitable for medium to large industrial applications.

The high power-to-weight properties of Brevini planetary gearing mean that the Posiplan gearboxes offer OEM designers a lighter and more compact solution than many traditional helical and bevel helical alternatives.

A modular design incorporating the flexibility of the Brevini planetary gear range ensure versatility and the ability to engineer solutions according to the application.

Product lead time and costs also remain competitive, the company said.

The gearboxes are able to accommodate up to 80,000Nm of torque; reduction ratios can reach in excess of 1:70,000 (starting at 1:12) with the inclusion of planetary stages.

This means that the Posiplan range is suitable for use in applications where medium/low speeds and high torque are required, such as mixers, conveyors and crushers.

Using the hybrid gearboxes in a shaft-mounted configuration offers the flexibility of fitment in any orientation and can be used to replace high-wearing, high-maintenance, exposed transmission alternatives such as belts, chains and pulleys.

It also helps to reduce costs when compared with worm and wheel transmissions; due to the efficiency of the Posiplan gearboxes, the demanded input power is reduced in comparison.

The units are also lower in weight and production costs, making them price competitive.

There are two lines in the Posiplan range: the PH (planetary helical) and BPH (bevel planetary helical).

The PH is said to offer advantages over traditional helical gear designs by offering a range of reduction ratios within one casing.

Brevini said the PH offers a suitable solution for space- and weight-restricted applications.

The BPH offers similar levels of performance but incorporates a bevel gear stage to provide a solution with perpendicular input and output shafts.

Both lines deliver long life and high-efficiency operation through the specification of high-quality and adequately sized bearings.

Nitrile (NBR) shaft seals are supplied as standard, while alternative seal materials and designs (labyrinth and cassette, for example) are optionally available.

Options and accessories include various output shaft designs, auxiliary drives and backstops as well as a number of input adaptations for all possible prime movers.

The casings are all nodular-grade cast iron.

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