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Samson Controls has introduced the Series 3730 electro pneumatic control valve positioner with Profibus-PA communication.

The instrument is designed to provide high-quality air output capacity combined with optimum functionality and simple operation.

As a result of their analogue control, the positioners display a positioning response and allow the microprocessor to concentrate on other tasks.

The 3730 option is one of a range of Samson positioners, all of which are based on a common model platform.

For example, the housing, travel pick-off system, pneumatic components and the fast PD controller are designed along the same lines in all positioners.

As a consequence, the positioners benefit from the same air output capacity.

The only key differences occur in the electronic equipment and the features associated with it, such as functionality and diagnostic capabilities.

The Type 3730-2 and all higher versions come with the fully integrated Expert valve diagnostics that supply the required information for predictive maintenance, without the need for additional software.

Alarms are indicated via the fault indication output and displayed as detailed error codes, either on the positioner’s large display or using the serial interface and the Trovis-View software.

The new Type 3730-4 with Profibus-PA communication ties in with the related models, such as Type 3730-3 with Hart communication, the Type 3730-5 Foundation Fieldbus positioner with PID controller and LAS capability and the Type 3730-2 without communication capabilities.

All these models share the integrated microprocessor, which enables simple, automatic start-up at the push of a button, as well as setting additional parameters such as split-range operation, tight-closing function or selecting a saved characteristic.

The Type 3730 range of positioners works continuously to keep processes running smoothly, yet only consumes a small amount of power, while its functions are completed by limit switches, position transmitters and solenoid valves.

For 50 years Samson Controls has been based in the UK, providing control valves and associated equipment along with specialist engineering expertise to a wide variety of industries, including food and beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical, and the heating and ventilating industry.

Our main sites in the UK are conveniently situated in Redhill, Surrey, and Leeds in the north and together with our extensive support of a network of engineers and agencies across the UK, means we are well placed to meet the needs of our customers.

As you would appreciate there are literally thousands of examples of Samson Control products being successfully applied across the UK and across wide range of industry sectors. For full details go to our website.

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