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Inmoco has launched the Exlar EXP-24 positioner for tasks such as valve control, shipboard fuel management systems, fuel skids, refineries, engine test stands, paint booths and printing presses.

Conforming to both Atex (Directive 94/9/EC) and CSA regulations for explosion-proof applications, the EXP-24 complements Exlar’s EL100 actuator, providing an integrated control/actuator package in hazardous process environments and can also be used to drive most three-phase linear actuators and rotary motors.

Housed in an IP66-rated enclosure, the EXP-24 positioner integrates a fully featured 24VDC motion controller and brushless servomotor amplifier, and is able to power most resolver feedback brushless motors.

Ideal for process control applications, the EXP-24 provides the functionality to position a valve or damper by following an analogue input signal.

Four additional motion modes are also available to accommodate a range of motion control applications.

Designed with an isolated RS485 Modbus serial interface to facilitate integration into factory-wide process systems, the EXP-24 employs the latest sinusoidal space vector commutation to ensure excellent actuator/motor performance and provides motion setup features such as move distance, jogging and homing, plus a range of diagnostic features including real-time monitoring, following error, position error and communications diagnostics.

Setup of the EXP-24 is simplified with an operator control panel and via Windows-based software.

The software provides users of the EXP-24 with the means to simply select all aspects of configuration and control required to operate the EXP-24 positioner.

Further setup help is delivered by tabbed pages that provide access to input all of the parameters necessary for configuration of valve control or general motion applications.

The explosion-proof rating, high performance and environmental packaging of the EXP-24 mean that the positioner is suitable for a range of applications.

Inmoco’s products are used in robots, machine tools, automation, metal bending, handling, packing, textiles and paper.

They are backed up by comprehensive application and service facilities.

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