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Avago Technologies has introduced 10 compact universal mobile telecommunication system (UMTS) power amplifier modules (PAMs) that are said to maximise handset talk time and extend battery life.

UMTS bands one, two, four, five and eight are supported.

James Wilson, marketing director of Avago Technologies, said: ‘In the ACPM-500x and the ACPM-520x series, we have incorporated our tier-one customer requirements for an integrated directional coupler, multimode power control, low current and high power added efficiency [PAE].

‘The directional coupler is a real cost-saving feature for all handset makers and the improved efficiency will give most users longer talk time,’ he added.

The ACPM-500x PAMs are designed to meet the requirements of multimode applications including UMTS, code division multiple access (CDMA) and long-term evolution (LTE).

The ACPM-520x PAMs are optimised to maximise the PAE at maximum radio-frequency (RF) powers by adjusting maximum output powers.

These modules are intended to meet UMTS specifications.

With multiple product lines, customers can choose the right products for their application.

All of the PAMs incorporate Avago’s fifth-generation CoolPAM technology, which typically lowers quiescent current to 3.0mA and adds a switchless active bypass mode for higher PAE at low-output-power levels.

High efficiency at low-power output has become an important design parameter for handset manufacturers because handsets in urban and suburban areas with good cellular coverage usually transmit at low power.

The PAMs feature PAE of 12-20 per cent of the maximum output power in bypass mode and 20-25 per cent of maximum output power in the mid-power mode.

CoolPAM technology enables mobile handset designers to extend the usage time without an increase of battery capacity.

All ACPM-500x and ACPM-520x UMTS power amplifiers include a 20dB directional coupler.

The high directivity enables precise power control.

For multi-band handsets, the internal directional coupling and isolation ports are available for daisy chaining.

This simplifies system printed-circuit-board (PCB) layout.

The new power amplifiers are manufactured on advanced InGaP hetero-junction bipolar transistor (HBT) microwave monolithic integrated circuit (MMIC) technology, offering reliability and temperature stability.

The ACPM-500x power amplifiers are targeted at all original equipment manufacturers and ODMSs in the UMTS, CDMA and LTE handset and data card markets.

Key features include: an integrated directional coupler with 20dB directivity; external coupling and isolation ports; a daisy-chain capability for dual-band handsets; three power control modes (bypass, mid power and high power); high PAE with low output power for maximum talk time; 12-20 per cent of maximum power in the bypass mode and 20-25 per cent of maximum power in the mid-power mode; very low quiescent current (3.0mA typical); compatibility with UMTS, CMDA and LTE linearity requirements; internally matched 50ohm RF input and output ports; a compact design, thanks to a reduction in external components; and a power-down mode (less than 5uA current drain).

The PAMs are available in a compact 10-pin surface-mount module with a 3 x 3mm footprint.

Thin package heights (0.9mm typical for the ACPM-500x and 1mm typical for the ACPM-520x) support slim handset designs.

The devices are lead free and RoHS compliant.

All devices have a -20C to +85C case operating temperature range.

Samples and production quantities are available now through Avago’s direct sales channel and distribution partners.

Avago Technologies

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