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2SC0115T2A0-12 target data sheet - .PDF file.

Power Integrations has launched the 2SC0115T2A0-12 dual-channel gate-driver core for 90kW to 500kW inverters and converters. Leveraging SCALE-2 integrated circuit and isolated transformer technology for DC/DC power and switching signal transmission, the new driver core improves system reliability and performance by eliminating the need for an optocoupler. 

The driver core’s reinforced electrical isolation is targeted at systems with a working voltage of 900V, which is typical for 1,200V IGBT modules and complies with the PD2 and OV II requirements of IEC 60664-1 and IEC 61800-5-1. The 2SC0115TA0-12 gate-driver core supports modules up to 2,400A and switching frequencies of up to 50kHz.

According to Michael Hornkamp, senior director of marketing for high-power products at Power Integrations, the 2SC0115TA0-12 gate-driver core is an ideal platform for 600V and 1,200V IGBT modules in medium-power applications such as general-purpose drives, uninterruptible power supplies, photovoltaic inverters and medical applications, especially those with challenging, fast-switching requirements.

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Key features and specifications

  • The compact 2SC0115TA0-12 gate-driver core has a footprint of 53.2 x 31mm and a profile of just 13mm.
  • The highly integrated SCALE-2 chipset uses about 85 per cent fewer components than competing products and includes short-circuit protection by Vce-sat monitoring and independent supply-voltage monitoring from both the primary and secondary side.
  • The gate-driver core includes soft shutdown (SSD) protection for applications with low stray-inductance.
  • For more demanding environments, the 2SC0115TA0-12 supports full advanced active clamping (AAC) to control the IGBT voltage overshoot during turn-off.
  • Each of the two output channels is electrically isolated from the primary side and the other secondary channel.
  • An output current of ±15A and 1.2W drive power is available per channel with a gate voltage swing of 15V to -6V.
  • The turn-on voltage is regulated to maintain a stable 15V regardless of the output power level.

Power Integrations

Power Integrations is the leading supplier of high-voltage integrated circuits used in energy-efficient power conversion. The company’s innovative technology enables compact, energy-efficient power supplies in a wide range of electronic products, in AC-DC, DC-DC and LED lighting applications. Since its introduction in 1998, Power Integrations’ EcoSmartä energy-efficiency technology has saved an estimated $4.5 billion of standby energy waste and prevented millions of tons of CO2 emissions. The company’s Green Room web site provides a wealth of information about “energy vampires” and the issue of standby energy waste, along with a comprehensive guide to energy-efficiency standards around the world. Reflecting the environmental benefits of EcoSmart technology, Power Integrations is included in clean-technology stock indices sponsored by the Cleantech Group (Amex: CTIUS) and Clean Edge (Nasdaq: CELS).

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