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The WM8321 offers a flexible single-chip power-management solution for low-power portable consumer applications such as smartphones, e-book readers, netbooks and portable media players.

The subsystem features four programmable DC-DC synchronous buck converters – which deliver high performance and efficiency across a range of operating conditions – and 11 LDO regulators – four of which are low noise for supplying sensitive analogue subsystems.

The integrated one-time programmable (OTP) memory controls the converter and regulator start-up sequencing and voltages, as well as the sequencing of GPIOs and system blocks.

In addition to the OTP memory, the WM8321 features an Instant Config Interface, which allows multiple start-up sequences to be tested via an external EEPROM.

Once the optimised start-up has been verified, it can be submitted for writing to the OTP, ensuring that the system will power up first time.

Another advantage of the WM8321 is the QFN package, which is customised to provide optimal thermal performance – suitable for single-side component placement on low-cost PCBs.

The QFN package enables inexpensive four-layer printed circuit boards and allows the use of large PCB tracks for the DC-DC convertors, reducing parasitic components and improving transient performance and efficiency.

Offering a standby power consumption of less than 7uA, the WM8321 also features a 12-bit auxiliary ADC, which supports a range of applications for internal and external sampling, such as voltage detection and temperate measurement.

A secure real-time clock (S-RTC) and alarm function is also included, which is capable of waking up the system from low-power modes, while a watchdog function is provided to ensure system integrity.

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