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Wolfson has introduced the WM8325 power-management subsystem for portable multimedia applications including smartbooks, tablets, e-books, media players and smartphones.

The WM8325 features four programmable DC/DC converters, including one that is capable of delivering up to 2.5A and 11 LDO regulators – four of which are low-noise for supplying sensitive analogue subsystems.

Its optimised QFN package is designed to improve thermal performance and reduce parasitic components, enabling low-cost four-layer printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing.

The package allows large PCB tracks for all high-current paths, which improves transient performance.

All this in conjunction with its low thermal resistance (24C/W), its lower electrical resistance and improved DC/DC technology ensures that the WM8325 delivers greater than five per cent improvement in efficiency (at 1A) when compared with previous generations of PMIC DC/DC converters.

Also incorporated into the WM8325 is an on-chip regulator, which provides power for ‘always-on’ PMIC functions such as register map and the real-time clock, as well as offering autonomous backup battery switchover.

A 12-bit auxiliary ADC also supports a range of applications for internal and external analogue sampling, such as voltage detection and temperature measurement.

Its one-time programmable (OTP) non-volatile memory delivers a flexible solution that also helps reduce time to market.

Its crystal oscillator and internal RC oscillator both generate all clock signals for autonomous system start-up and processor clocking, while a secure real-time clock (SRTC) and alarm function is included, capable of waking up the system from low-power modes.

To maximise battery life, highly granular power management enables each function in the WM8325 subsystem to be independently powered down through a control interface or through register and OTP-configurable GPIOs.

The WM8325 is available for sampling in an 8 x 8mm, 0.85mm-thick, 81-lead QFN package.

Wolfson Microelectronics

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