Product Details Supplier Info More products, the organisation that promotes and develops standards for Power Architecture technology, has released version 1.0 of the Common Debug API Specification.

The Common Debug Application Programming Interface (API) Specification will simplify the debugging process by establishing common ground in communication protocols between development tools and embedded devices.

‘The Common Debug API Specification establishes a set protocol for defining and accessing target services, as well as an accepted language binding for clients to locate and access services and for target agents to deploy new services,’ said Common Debug Interface technical subcommittee chair, Chris Ng.’s Common Debug Interface Specification provides a common set of software and hardware debug interfaces and capabilities for Power Architecture implementations that lead to lower cost software and hardware debug tools, faster development time and earlier product availability.

The Common Debug API includes a definition of the debug capabilities Power Architecture implementations should provide and a common set of features, functions and environments for Power Architecture-based products, including cores, processors and SoCs.

In addition, they define a high-speed serial protocol and physical connection between the debug host and the target, and the application program interface and communications framework through which the debug capabilities are accessed and utilised.

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