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Phihong has developed a series of lighting power supplies for LED luminaire applications in both indoor and outdoor environments.

The constant-current and constant-voltage drivers are worldwide compatible with high-line and low-line AC input voltage ranges and provide standard dimming on all outdoor models.

The line-up includes models for indoor use in small-footprint plastic housings with ingress protection ratings that meet IP20 specifications; they are suitable for applications that include small string lighting or a few high-intensity bulbs especially for display lighting, recessed kitchen lighting and emergency-exit signs.

All indoor versions are constant-current models, available in 350mA or 700mA outputs, and provide 5.6W to 30W of power.

A selection of these LED power supplies will also be available in halogen-free options and will therefore not give off toxic smoke in the event of a fire.

Outdoor models are rated to IP65 in full isolated potted metal casings and incorporate dimming as a standard feature.

Currently available are 30-50W multi-channel, constant-current drivers with 0-10V dimming and a single-output, constant-current 10W driver with triac dimming.

A 75W constant-voltage model with standard 0-10V dimming will be available soon.

Applications for water-resistant power drivers include outdoor signs, street lighting, architectural designs and automotive lighting.

In addition, a 90W open-frame model introduced in 2010 is available in a constant-voltage output of 24VDC, offering straightforward integration into luminaires for street/area lighting or traffic lighting.

Standard features on all LED drivers include over-voltage, over-current, short-circuit and open-circuit protections as well as brownout/brownout recovery.

Wide temperature ranges allow for a diverse range of applications for end users.

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