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John Crane has launched a power-transmission coupling that has been designed to withstand the hot, humid and hostile environments typically found in cooling towers.

The corrosion-resistant Metastream M Series ZMH flexible membrane coupling improves on the high levels of performance safety and reliability provided by John Crane’s existing ZMC coupling.

Designed for infinite life, it has no wearing parts and requires no lubrication.

A composite fibre spacer piece is said to make the ZMH up to 80 per cent lighter than alternative ‘all metal’ designs and it incorporates a stainless-steel radial spoke membrane.

The ZMH’s low restoring forces under misalignment and high power/weight ratios minimise the imposed loads on critical machinery components such as bearing and seals.

In the rare event of a membrane failure, the ZMH’s failsafe design will disconnect the machinery but also retain the composite-fibre spacer in place in order to avoid damage to adjacent components.

The result is a loss of cooling effect, rather than potentially severe and expensive machinery damage.

Lightweight and able to accommodate shaft separation distances of up to 20ft without the need for an intermediate bearing, the ZMH can be easily installed before or after the shaft has been aligned.

It can also be removed without disturbing the connected machinery.

The factory-assembled membrane units are interchangeable with couplings of the same rating, which can help to significantly reduce stock inventories and spares costs.

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