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Delcam has introduced the 2013 release of Powerinspect. The hardware-independent software offers dual-device inspection options that allow measurement with two portable devices from different manufacturers at the same time.

Powerinspect 2013 also includes improved handling of point-cloud data, group editing of probing parameters, graphical editing of boundaries for raster-based inspection, more flexibility in programming dual-column co-ordinate measuring machines (CMMs) and easier measurement and marking out when using the software for clay modelling.

The software offers a comprehensive range of inspection routines for taking simple measurements, for inspection of geometric features and for analysing complex 3D surfaces. The resulting reports present information in an easy-to-read format that can be understood by all engineers.

Powerinspect 2013 in detail

Dual-device inspection options

  • The ability to provide simultaneous measurement from two devices is an extension of the functionality for dual-column CMMs included in the 2012 R2 release of Powerinspect.
  • The main benefit is the ability to reduce inspection times both by measuring a complete object in a single setup and by taking data simultaneously from two sources.
  • The two-device technique works in a similar manner to the single-device version of Powerinspect: models are loaded in the same way and inspection items are created using the same methods, minimising the requirement for extra training.
  • Dual-device operation works around the line-of-sight limitations of laser trackers and other optical measuring devices. Powerinspect 2013 enables both sides of the same object to be measured simultaneously with two laser trackers.
  • The software can combine measurements from two different types of device; for example, a laser tracker can be used to check the long-range accuracy of a large component while a portable arm is being used to measure specific critical features in a confined space.

Dual-column module for CMMs

  • It has been made easier to switch between single-column and dual-column operation, making it practical to inspect two small items independently with the two columns, as well as to inspect separate areas of a single large object.

Probing and parameters item

  • This function is designed to simplify programming for all Powerinspect CNC and OMV users.
  • It modifies the probing parameters of subsequent probed features. For example, if a different probe or measuring speed is required, the new setting can be applied to any group of measurements or even the complete inspection sequence with a single action.
  • Similar edits can be made to any programs read into Powerinspect 2013 that were originally created in earlier versions of the software.

Raster-based inspection

  • Raster-based inspection has been made more flexible with the ability to edit the measurement volume graphically.
  • There are also options to use typed dimensions or a CAD surface or group of surfaces as the boundary.

Laser scanning

  • Laser scanning of a series of parts has been made easier.
  • Labels applied to the results from the first part — for example to identify critical points — are now regenerated automatically in the results from subsequent parts so repeated inspections are more automated.
  • The picking of points for alignment of scan data has been improved, with points being highlighted as they are selected so it is easier to spot any that have been missed.

Clay modelling

  • Time-saving features make it easier for users to display the details of digitised curves, to switch between curves and to select, edit and mark out points within the curves.

Delcam supplies software and services that help manufacturing companies to maximise their profitability by increasing productivity, improving quality and reducing lead times. The company is the world's largest specialist supplier of computer-aided machining software, with its PowerMILL, FeatureCAM, Partmaker and ArtCAM programs making up the most comprehensive range of CAM systems from any developer.

This broad selection allows Delcam to offer a CAM system capable of machining virtually any product, in any material on any type of equipment. Delcam also develops product design, tooling design and quality control programs. The unique Tribrid Modelling approach to design incorporates solid modelling, surface modelling and triangle modelling in a single program, enabling complete design and reverse engineering projects to be undertaken without transferring data between software.

Delcam's Powerinspect offers fast, reliable comparison of parts, prototypes and tooling against CAD data on all types of inspection equipment and even on machine tools. This versatility has made it the world's leading hardware-independent inspection software. Related programs are available for checking machine tool set-up and part location. Delcam software is used in over 80 countries worldwide by around 40,000 organisations, from large multi-nationals to small sub-contractors, in industries including aerospace, automotive, dental, engineering, footwear, medical and toolmaking.

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