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Acal Technology has released the Excelsys Powerkit, which allows designers to use the world’s smallest power supplies to configure a plug-and-play custom power module in under five minutes.

Each Powerkit contains an application-specific Xgen Powerpac chassis module and seven different Xgen Powermod DC output modules, which can be inserted, removed or exchanged to create a custom power supply.

These provide a range of output voltages, from 1.5 to 58V, with a maximum current of up to 50A.

The kits are presented in a rugged case and include two pairs of serial and two pairs of parallel links, as well as power and signal connectors, documentation, screwdriver and a voltage-adjustment tool.

The Xgen series of power sources provides additional flexibility with a number of user-configurable functions.

These include local and remote adjustment, adjustable straight-line or foldback current limit and output inhibit/enable functions.

Powermods can be configured in parallel for higher-current applications and in series for operation at higher voltages.

High-efficiency conversion techniques allow Xgen series power sources to achieve minimal power losses, while advanced packaging reduces their size to create the industry’s smallest power supplies.

The Powerkit has been optimised for standard, medical, high-temperature and low-noise applications.

The standard and medical versions are available with power ratings of 1,340 or 750W, with six and four Powermod slots respectively.

The Powerkit for high-temperature applications has a 600W rating and six slots, while the low-noise Powerkit is rated for 1,200W and offers six slots.

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