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Powerpax has launched the PAXB60 series of open-frame power supplies with battery charging function.

In addition to the main output, this range of battery back-up power supplies also has a charger facility that will fully charge a lead acid battery rated at 12V 15Ah or a 24V 7.5AH battery (depending on model selected) within 12 hours.

The company said the unit is suitable for use in applications where it is crucial that uninterrupted use of equipment is maintained in the event of a power cut.

The batteries will automatically be recharged by the power supply and the unit will switch back to AC operation when the mains supply is restored.

These battery back-up power supplies feature ‘AC OK’ and ‘battery low’ alarms, which can be driven by any external DC voltage from 4V up to 50V with a 30mA maximum load.

If the main power source is interrupted, the PAXB60 switches to battery back-up mode and a TTL signal will be sent out to a monitoring unit to warn of impending equipment failure.

If the battery voltage goes down to 11V (for 12V battery bank) or 22V (for 24V battery bank), another TTL alarm signal will be sent out to warn of the ‘battery low’ situation.

The battery back-up loop will be cut off when the battery voltage goes down to 10.5V or 21V to prevent batteries from over-discharging.

The units also feature free air convection cooling, short-circuit, overload and over-voltage protection.

Battery polarity protection (by fuse) and battery low cut-off for the battery side in a small 4 x 2in design.

The Powerpax battery back up power supplies operate at 84 per cent efficiency and carry UL, CUL, TUV, CE and CB safety approvals.

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