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Powerpax UK has announced the launch of the Bias Power range of ultra-miniature PCB mounting switch-mode power supplies.

The Bias Power BPS product series is available in output powers of 0.5W, 1.0W and 2.0W.

With proven reliability this product range enables designers to reduce the engineering cycle, simplify certification and therefore reduce time to market while also allowing engineers to concentrate on core competencies.

The BPS series is based on a circuit design that effectively eliminates line EMI so that no input filtering is required.

This is achieved by isolating the input path for the duration of the conducted noise.

The circuit design ensures that conversion efficiency is maximised and effectively regulates output voltages evenly over the entire 85 to 265V AC input range.

Single outputs of 8V and 14V DC and dual outputs of 8V and 5V DC are available.

The range features efficiencies of up to 75 per cent, an operating temperature range of -25 to +70C (-40 to +85C optional), full short-circuit protection and input to output isolation of 3KV AC.

This series offers a footprint of 22.73mm x 26.29mm x 13.56mm (8cm3) in a rugged tamper-proof sealed package, ensuring that PCB real estate usage is maximised.

These products are UL, cUL and CE approved and comply to the RoHS directive.

The BPS series meets EMC requirements without the need for additional components and its low emissions characteristics make it particularly suitable for Zigbee IEEE (802.15.4), Z-wave, Bluetooth GSM, GPRS and other emissions critical applications.

This range is also suitable for other demanding applications such as the charging of super capacitors, security systems, standby power and lighting occupancy sensors.

Full technical support is offered with direct contact to the engineers who designed this series.

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