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Powersolve’s Xi Series of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) can be specified for use in a variety of industrial and commercial applications where constant, reliable power is a requirement.

Versions accept 115-230VAC and provide a range of selectable outputs from 100-240VAC.

The Xi Series includes models rated from 1-6kVA that can be rack mounted, freestanding or stacked.

They incorporate standard and optional features designed to make them simple to install and use and standard systems come ready for use straight out of the box.

Compared to other UPS systems, Xi units are compact and, at 510 mm deep, they fit any standard 600mm or 800mm cabinets.

Including battery packs, Xi units are light, making them easy to handle, according to the company.

The Xi Series will accept dual mains input feeds and they feature auto switch-over should one feed fail.

Remote emergency power-off is incorporated, making Xi units suitable for hazardous environments.

Powersolve has used a proprietary universal battery design right across the Xi range, with hot-swappable five-year-life batteries as standard.

Ten-year batteries are available as an option.

To allow for use in either horizontal rack-mount or vertical standalone applications, the front-panel digital display unit can be rotated through 90 degrees.

The display provides information on a number of parameters, including input voltage, output voltage and frequency, battery voltage and load.

As standard, each Xi unit is supplied with Xprotect software and covers all Windows-based platforms.

Xprotect offers all the functionality of standard shutdown packages with some additional features for remote monitoring and control.

Monitoring is achieved locally via RS232 or remotely via a connected network.

Accessories include slot-in, volt-free alarm contacts, a USB interface and SNMP network adaptors.

Xi units are supplied with everything needed for immediate use, including cable bundles, racking ears and instruction manuals.

All Xi UPS systems are rated to IP20 and are specified for use over the operating temperature range of 0-40C.

They also meet all current and appropriate EMC and safety requirements.

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