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The Gocator 2000 series of pre-calibrated sensors from LMI Technologies is designed to make industrial 3D measurements more affordable and available to a wide range of applications.

According to the company, ease of use is leveraged by the built-in web server as an effective graphical user interface for rapid setup and control.

Users can connect, set up exposure and speeds, visualise profiles, measure dimensions, select communication outputs and monitor results using Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome or Safari web browsers.

This built-in web connectivity enables users to access the sensor from any PC without additional software, drivers, control boxes, amplifiers or dependency on a specific operating system.

Terry Arden, chief executive officer of LMI Technologies, said: ‘Gocator was developed to carry out 3D inspection and integrate with factory I/O – all from a web browser experience.

‘You don’t have to be a system integrator or machine vision expert to perform 3D measurement,’ he added.

The Gocater series is distributed by Stemmer Imaging, which provides in-house training and next-day delivery from its European inventory supply.

Users can go beyond the built-in measurement tools by using ‘C’ language scripting to perform custom calculations or define unique logic decisions.

All of the Gocators in the 2000 series are network aware, allowing one sensor to be paired with a ‘buddy’ Gocator for more sophisticated differential measurement tasks.

A software development kit (SDK) is available for power users to connect a series of Gocators to form a networked system to scan large or complex objects.

Rich I/O and simplified cabling support a variety of common digital and analogue interface requirements.

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