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Schmidt-Kupplung and Semiflex couplings are employed in precise, clocked work processes such as in the transportation of sheet metals, in cutting and punching products and in embossing rollers.

The Semiflex are designed with two pairs of parallel links installed 90deg out of phase with each other, allowing for the precise transmission of torque and constant angular velocity between shafts with relatively large parallel misalignments.

Both shafts can adjust to each other in every radial direction – not only at rest but in transmission and under load.

The Schmidt-Kupplung is a compact, torsionally stiff performance shaft coupling that compensates variable parallel shaft offset without side loads in a very compact envelope.

Through its modular construction, torque transmission and radial offset capacity can be optimised for each application.

The precision couplings are also used in drives for trimming shears – the final process in sheet metal processing.

Couplings from the Semiflex range are equipped with backlash-free split clamp hubs and are employed in profiling systems.

Their compactness makes it possible for them to work in a very tight space at numerous profiling stations.

Radial assembly and dismantling capacity allow individual stations to be added without the need to axially displace the components.

For highest torque requirements and shock loads that can occure in some profiling machines, the torsionally stiff couplings are offered in a locking-assembly version with a maximum torque capacity up to 18,800Nm


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