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Precision Devices has announced the launch of two clock oscillators: the OC7A and the OC5A.

The OC7A is a clock oscillator that operates with a frequency above 1GHz.

It supports an operating frequency range of 10.9MHz to 1.17GHz.

The OC5A supports an operating frequency range of 25MHz to 350MHz.

The OC5A and OC7A clock oscillators support a wide range of applications requiring high frequency tolerance, low jitter and DC power consumption of less than 95mA.

These devices are suitable for high-frequency networking and communications systems such as Ethernet, fibre channel, Wimax and wireless applications.

To ensure a square wave output at high operating frequencies, both clock oscillators feature an LV-PECL output stage.

An LVDS version of both oscillators is also available that supports an operating frequency up to 270MHz for the OC5A and 800MHz for the OC7A.

Both oscillators have a standard operating temperature range of 0C to 70C, with a wide operating temperature of -40C to +85C available as an alternative.

The OC7A has dimensions of 7mm x 5mm x 1.87mm and the OC5A has dimensions of 5mm x 3.2mm x 1.4mm.

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