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Sludgeblanket is to deliver an educational presentation at the Aqua Enviro Technology Transfer conference on Recent Advances in the Operation and Control of the Activated Sludge Process.

Under the title ‘Sludge-blanket level detection for better control of primary and secondary settlement tanks’, the presentation, which will take place on 15 July 2010 in Leeds, UK, will focus on the latest scientific developments in sludge-blanket level detection, including the use of advanced ultrasonic and radio technology.

Sludgeblanket’s presentation will demonstrate how advanced ultrasonic technology allows for in-situ measurement and control of sludge blankets in primary and final settlement tanks.

The use of radio technology to enable multi-point systems to be easily installed will also be discussed.

The presentation will provide insights into control RAS and SAS rates for process optimisation and how to prevent primary sludge carryover to aeration lanes and loss of sludge in the final effluents.

The activated sludge process delivers the tight consent standards for ammonia, total nitrogen and phosphorus needed to meet the requirements of the Freshwater Fisheries Directive and the Water Framework Directive.

However, conventional technology and operating regimes meeting these consents require a large increase in process energy and associated greenhouse-gas emissions.

Recent technological advancements have seen the introduction of process innovations and optimised control strategies based around real-time monitoring, modelling and control to deliver savings on energy and its associated emissions without compromising effluent quality, which the Aqua Enviro Technology Transfer conference aims to illustrate.

Echosmart is the newest addition to the company’s portfolio of products.

Utilising the latest radio-communication technology, Echosmart eliminates the need to use complete systems for each application.

The system uses a central processor and a GHz radio link to facilitate multi-point applications up to 16 points.

Expensive cabling between sensors and processors is no longer required and the system can process all signals in the head, delivering the ability to detect very thin and very shallow blankets.

Sludgeblanket also supplies Sludge Judge, a manual system designed to take accurate readings of settleable solids five per cent or less, in a variety of liquids to any depth.

Sludge Judge is suitable for sewage-treatment plants, chemical plants and food-processing facilities.

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