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Press and Shear Machinery has been appointed as the UK agent for a number of European manufacturers of sheet metal working machine tools, including Danobat, Cy Laser and Weinbrenner.

New agency lines include punch presses and combination machines from Danobat (Spain), laser profiling machines from Cy Laser (Italy) and bending centres, press brakes and shears from Weinbrenner (Germany).

In addition, Press and Shear has been reappointed as the sole UK agent for the range of CNC coil processing lines from Pivatic (Finland) after a gap of three years.

There is a bias towards environmentally friendly machines, with an emphasis on servo drives and fibre lasers, according to the company.

Press and Shear claims that many of the new products meet the criteria for interest-free loans of up to GBP100,000 from the UK government-backed Carbon Trust.

The company’s existing agency lines include press brakes and shears from Baykal (Turkey), punch presses and plasma cutting machines from Boschert (Germany), bending machines from Stierli Bieger (Switzerland), measuring machines from Inspecvision (Northern Ireland), acoustic enclosures (Italy) and production software from Jetcam for punching/profiling and from Autopol for bending.

A range of punches, dies and other tools is still supplied through Press Brake Tooling, a separate division.

Three categories are offered – Eurostyle, Beyeler style and Wila/Trumpf – as well as accessories such as tool clamps, reference squares and tooling cabinets.

In addition, Press and Shear continues its spares and service support for sheet metal working machinery – that it formerly sold into the UK market – including Finn-Power, Promecam and Elga.

Danobat, a European manufacturer of machine tools, produces punch presses, punch-shear and punch-laser combination machines and automated bending machines at its sheet metal working division in northern Spain.

The punch presses incorporate the latest E-technology developments, including a programmable, servo-electric ram, eliminating the need for energy-intensive hydraulic actuation.

Models are available for processing sheet sizes up to 1,500 x 6,000mm.

The eccentric turrets of these machines are flexible and each feature up to 43 fixed and indexable stations plus optional indexable multi-tools.

Other features include a brush table, a scrap conveyor and the latest generation of Fagor control.

The punch/shear combination models offer the advantages of the E-technology punch but with the added benefit of integrated, right-angle shearing, according to Press and Shear.

This eliminates the need to slit around each component, saving time and giving a high-quality edge finish as well as increased sheet utilisation.

The punch/laser combination also utilises E-technology punching as well as the latest generation of solid-state-laser generators.

These fibre lasers consume less power than conventional CO2 lasers and are claimed to be easier and less expensive to maintain.

A range of loading/unloading systems is available for all of the punching and combination machines.

Completing the Danobat range is the automatic panel bender.

From a pre-punched blank, the machine can be programmed to bend each edge of a sheet automatically.

It is equipped with automatic tool change and automatic loading and unloading, resulting in minimal setup time.

Cy Laser produces fibre laser cutting systems.

There are said to be many advantages to using these laser sources to cut and profile metal plate, sheet and pipe – not least their economical running costs.

Machine operation requires 15-25kW of power, according to the generator model, but 15mm-thick mild steel, for example, can be pierced in one second.

Sheet measuring up to 2,500 x 6,000mm can be processed by the company’s four standard machine models.

The laser head requires only two shielded lenses; no mirrors are involved.

There is no gas and pressurisation is not required.

The consequent absence of a turbine for compression means that associated maintenance and service costs are eliminated.

Special foundations are not needed for installation.

The system is unaffected by temperature, humidity or vibration and cutting performance is consistent over the entire table area.

The machine can start cutting as soon as it is switched on.

Weinbrenner manufactures fully automated bending machines and robotically fed press brakes at its factory near Stuttgart.

The preferred robot supplier for such systems is Kuga, whose products do not need to be programmed independently but are controlled via the Weinbrenner CNC system.

The B12, with its two independent bending beams, can accommodate sheet up to 4,000mm and bending heights between 160mm and 350mm.

Bending height can be even greater if a bespoke Weinbrenner machine is purchased.

Automatic loading, unloading and tool change are standard.

The B12e is a servo-electric version that can be manually loaded and unloaded, although the bending cycle is automatic.

There is an option to have the parts automatically loaded and unloaded by a robot.

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