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Dome-loaded 797 LE-HD gas-controlled pressure regulators from Witt can provide an economic and safe solution to ensure gas cutting systems receive a constant gas supply, according to the manufacturer.

The company said this system of gas regulation is more economical than using a full electronic control system.

In one application the three inlet lines for oxygen and propane are supplied via Witt pressure regulators to optimise the automatic gas supply.

The gas control was regulated using proportional valves with changes in the gas pressure being adjusted by pressure changes, thereby controlling the cutting process.

Witt pressure regulators can be used for numerous applications with a range of flow rates and gases.

They are used as a primary pressure regulator, which can be installed in any orientation, in gas supply pipeline systems to ensure a consistent stable pressure up to a flow of 2300m3/h and are independent of any inlet pressure fluctuations in the gas supplies, including gas withdrawals.

They are also suitable for use in shipyards, chemical processing plants, offshore and diving vessels, glass making as well as steel making and foundry applications.

Other features include integrated pilot pressure and pressure gauge connections as well as being able to centrally regulate several gas supplies to the same working pressure, while the compact design enables them be installed in confined spaces.

The maximum pre-pressure for the 737LE-HD is 240 bar with a regulating range from 2-45 bar.

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