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The Sinus pressure sensor, which is now available from Marquardt Mechatronik, has been especially developed for household appliances, but can be used in many other applications.

The sensor, which utilises a Hall-effect principle, can be customised for specific applications.

The output signal can be provided in analogue voltage, frequency or PWM.

The linearisation curve and tolerance can be customised to facilitate integration into existing applications with minimal changes to controlling software and algorithms.

The Sinus will be available in two configurations initially.

The first comes with only the analogue signal output.

The second version of the Sinus will contain three programmable auxiliary switching outputs in addition to the selectable analogue output signal.

The Sinus pressure sensor has integrated error-checking routines to ensure a reliable operation under all conditions.

The auxiliary digital outputs can be used as redundant indication of key process parameters and are permanently programmed at the time of calibration to specific requirements.

This includes specific hysteresis for each output and, if required, specific time delays associated with the assigned levels.

The auxiliary outputs will be activated when the level has been exceeded or fallen below defined limits.

As a result, it can be utilised to act as an additional safety level indication for an appliance when the liquid levels are outside of the desired operating ranges.

The sensor offers a fast response time in order to guarantee an almost immediate reaction when the pressure ranges are exceeded or have fallen short of defined limits.

The Sinus pressure sensor will also be available as a differential pressure sensor in the future.

In addition, the company plans to release a version suitable for printed circuit board assembly.

At present, the sensor is used in the measurement of the atmospheric pressure in washing machines.

However, it is adaptable and can be used in different applications.

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