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The latest pressure sensor range from specialists IFM Electronic features an all stainless-steel housing, and an improved sealing system with more fitting options.

Eight models in the PI27 series cover pressure spans from -0.05 to one bar or -0.0124 to 0.25 bar at the lower end and up to -1 to 25 bar at the higher end.

All models will switch PNP or NPN, with additional programmable output features such as an analogue signal.

The pressure sensors of the PI27 series have a high-grade stainless-steel housing and a highly visible display.

The robust housing design has a resistance to cleaning agents used in the food and pharmaceutical industries, while the hygienic flush design of the process connection with high-purity ceramic measuring cell places the PI27 series pressure sensor firmly in the same domain.

The sensors also include IP68/IP69K protection rating, high temperature resistance, high-quality materials (wetted parts), accuracy down to 0.2 per cent and electronic temperature compensation.

Another feature of the PI27 series is IFM’s Aseptoflex Vario G1 process connection with four sealing options.

This combines the flexible Aseptoflex adaptation with metal-on-metal sealing and a maintenance-free PEEK sealing.

If the user prefers sealing by means of an O-ring, the same adapter can be used.

In this case, the flexible disk spring ensures a reliable seal.

The sealing between the housing and the process connection ensures that the sensor can also be screwed into the standard G1 A thread sleeves using the common sealing technology.

Various process adapters (clamp, DIN11851 pipe fitting and so on) are available as accessories.

With its high temperature resistance, the PI sensor is suitable for exposure to SIP and CIP processes.

The programmable analogue and switching output allows adjustment of the hysteresis or window, open or closed output logic, current output, damping, calibration of displayed values, display orientation or even deactivation, scaling and selection of the display unit (bar, PSI, kPa, per cent of the span).

ifm electronic specialises in the application of advanced electronic technology to produce innovative and effective solutions for industrial control applications.

Products include flow sensors; pressure transmitters and switches; temperature switches and transmitters; capacitive, inductive and photoelectric proximity sensors; and a full range of AS-i I/O modules and masters.

Details of ifm electronic's products and services may be obtained from our website, which has been carefully designed to provide the fastest, easiest way of finding exactly the right sensor for almost any application. Better still, once the correct sensor has been identified, the site also allows the data sheet to be downloaded almost instantly and, for most sensors, it even provides an interactive animated guide to achieving optimum adjustment.

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