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ABB’s extended 2600T pressure transmitter range offers greater simplicity and cost effectiveness for hazardous environments, while reducing the time needed for commissioning and maintenance.

Using a menu-based interface in clear text, the 2600T transmitters can be configured in seconds.

This menu can also be used to quickly select and display different variables, providing operators with fast access to additional data.

The ability to quickly repair or upgrade the transmitter in the field by easily changing the electronics module, rather than the whole transmitter, is also offered.

It takes a matter of minutes to replace the electronics, while the transmitter performs an auto-configure function, so no additional configuration is required.

Further time savings are made possible by the 2600T’s optional Through-The-Glass (TTG) indicator feature, which enables operators to make adjustments to settings without moving the cover – ideal for hazardous applications.

This also helps to maintain validated protection and eliminates the need for risk assessments on each transmitter.

For SIL2 applications with pressures up to 600 bar, the 2600T range now includes a standard model that is fully compliant with the hardware and software requirements of IEC61508 for SIL2 and TUV Nord applications.

In common with the rest of the 2600T range, it also comes with IEC hazardous-area certifications IEC Ex ia, IEC Ex d and IEC Ex nL, plus all of the major international certification standards including GOST, FM and CSA.

Another key feature of the 2600T range is the inclusion of extensive diagnostic functions, with 20 standard critical and non-critical diagnostic functions built into the device.

Where an alarm condition occurs, messages are displayed in clear text on the indicator and can be relayed to a control system via Hart, Profibus or Foundation Fieldbus.

The transmitter is also programmed with the necessary software to integrate with ABB’s 800xA and third-party control systems.

The 2600T series has the optional extra of ABB’s Plugged Impulse Line Detection system (PILD).

Incorporated within the transmitter itself, the system compares the application background noise against a pre-programmed baseline to detect blocked impulse lines, with any blockages being relayed as an alarm via Hart, Profibus or Foundation Fieldbus.

A major development within the range is the availability of a vertically flanged vertical mounting variant, offered as an alternative to the Co-planar flange design.

With this feature, ABB 2600T transmitters can be fitted directly to existing co-planar manifolds from a variety of suppliers, eliminating the need to reposition pipes and providing a choice of suppliers.

Other new features within the 2600T range include preset linearisation functions for level-measurement applications in cylindrical and spherical tanks, enabling tank levels to be accurately measured based on volume.

Also included is a square-root extractor function, enabling the 2600T to also be used for differential pressure-flow applications.

The performance of the 2600T range is supported by ABB’s range of remote seal options.

Available in a choice of materials and process connections, ABB’s remote seals are proven to operate leak free, even under high vacuum.

The range includes high performance-low thickness diaphragms of less than 0.06mm, offering accurate measurement at lower pressures and reducing temperature errors in applications using longer capillary lengths.

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