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Creative Engineers’ new pressure transmitters use sodium-potassium alloy (NaK) as the fill fluid and are used in high-temperature nuclear reactors and chemical reactions and in thermal solar systems.

The new filling system allows NaK to be used as the fill fluid in any pressure transducer using a remote seal.

The remote seal, capillary and pressure transmitter may be sourced from multiple vendors.

Creative Engineers will assemble the instruments and fill the capillary.

Using NaK as the fill fluid enables the remote seal to be installed on systems up to 1,500F while protecting the sensitive parts in the pressure transmitter from the extreme heat.

NaK’s properties (liquid down to 9F and boiling at 1,446F at atmospheric pressure) make it an ideal fluid for the application.

No other commonly used fill fluid allows operation higher than 600F, according to the company.

Any system employing alkali metals or other liquid metals at elevated temperature are also suitable candidates for these industrial pressure transmitters.

The pressure transmitters complement Creative Engineers’ line of liquid metal pumps, flowmeters and valves.

All filling and assembly operations will take place at the company’s facility in York, Pennsylvania, which is permitted to store and use large quantities of alkali metals including NaK.

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